Thursday, May 01, 2008

‘To work is to pray'

Say Cheek
A Life at Work
Thomas Moore

Does work make you feel empty & confused?

Work – an overworked but underperformed four-letter word. Work is a millstone or shackle to most of us, keeping freedom away from us, a punishment or stick that has to be unwillingly endured for the end-of-the-month reward in the form of wage. Wait, work can be more than a job, says a new book by Thomas Moore. Work can be ‘an activity or a group of activities that gives you a sense of meaning and purpose,” he assures in A Life at Work.


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Anonymous said...

We have cultivated false notions of work with high-value and low-value, where value is equated solely with money and where most work leaves people with a feeling of emptiness.
Why have so many of us lost touch with larger social good in whatever work we do in our respective professions?
No work is big or small, our attitude makes it so. If you do a clerk's work with a clerk's mind, both the work and the worker remain small. But if you do the same work with the mindset of a citizen, both become great.
It all depends on your attitude, on your philosophy of work. We have to achieve and intrinsic bigness in ourselves, and impart that bigness to all the functions that we perform.
Attitude is up to you. Attitude is everything.