Sunday, May 25, 2008

Three paradoxes to become a 'JEA' leader

Say Cheek
Just Enough Anxiety
Robert H. Rosen

‘Healthy anxiety’ positive force for growth

Nervousness, worry, concern, unease, apprehension, disquiet, fretfulness, nervousness and angst. These are all synonyms of ‘anxiety’, a word that has its origin in Latin anxius, meaning ‘uneasy, troubled in mind,’ from ang(u)ere ‘choke, cause distress,’ as informs.
Despite its not-so-welcome nature, anxiety can be your ally if it is in the right measure, says Robert H. Rosen. “If you let it overwhelm you, it will turn to panic. If you deny or run from it, you will become complacent,” he writes in Just Enough Anxiety.


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