Monday, February 18, 2008

A guide for accumulating and keeping the wealth

Book Value

The Quiet Millionaire

Brett Wilder

FMG Publishing Inc

First, discover the real you

If you are not one of those noisy rich whose conspicuous wealth routinely screams shrilly ad nauseam, you will find Brett Wilder ideal company. His new book, ‘The Quiet Millionaire’ from FMG Publishing Inc, is a guide for accumulating and keeping your wealth, and more importantly, for ensuring that you do not outlive your financial resources.

The first step Wilder would handhold you to is the discovery of the real person within. “Mistakenly, people often are too busy with the daily activities in their lives to devote the necessary time and energy to working on their lives,” he rues. Step back and take time to contemplate and figure out what the ‘gut meaning’ of life is for you, advises Wilder.


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