Monday, February 04, 2008

'The age of violence'

Globalisation, Democracy and Terrorism
Eric Hobsbawm

In this ‘age of violence’ is public order harder to maintain? “Plainly governments and businesses think so,” writes Eric Hobsbawm in Globalisation, Democracy and Terrorism ( ). For instance, “The size of police forces in Britain has gone up by 35 per cent since 1971; and for every ten thousand citizens at the end of the century there were 34 police officers as against 24.4 thirty years earlier (that’s more than 40 per cent up).” In addition, there are an estimated ‘half a million employed in the security industry as guards and the like — a sector of the economy that has multiplied over the past 30 years since Securicor felt big enough in 1971 to get a stock exchange quotation.

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