Monday, September 10, 2007

Types of time wasters

Time Management
Ramesh K. Arora

Mixing and matching personal-official and avoidable-unavoidable, Ramesh K. Arora describes four types of time wasters in Time Management ( ). The AP (avoidable personal) time wasters include, for example, gossiping, addiction to soap operas, repeatedly watching the same TV news, getting angry often, eating frequently and so on. UP, the unavoidable personal type, includes social occasions. Also in this category are ‘demanding friends, surprise visitors, irregular water supply, power failure, and irresponsible domestic assistance’.

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Madhusudan I. Mistry said...

Dear Reader,Time Management for Happiness & Success by Mr. Ramesh K. Arora seems to be an excellent book. Quoted website never opens or indicates does not exist. The publishers are also not quoted.Local visit to Crossword and Strand bookstall did not help. I would appreciate if some body could throw light on the source to buy this book. Thank you, Madhusudan I. Mistry