Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Enjoy what you are doing now, because tomorrow the rules will change

Global Services
Mark Kobayashi-Hillary and Richard Sykes

With the Internet as a natural delivery platform for consumer products and business services, the edge between what is a personal service for a consumer and what is a business service is starting to blur, state Mark Kobayashi-Hillary and Richard Sykes in Global Services ( ). “With KPO the possibilities are endless. Once highly valuable skilled tasks requiring domain knowledge and decision making are outsourced then we will know that almost anything can be.”

Harking back to good old times, the authors narrate how the cobbler of yore who made and repaired shoes for others in the village could never have imagined that anyone would travel elsewhere to buy shoes.

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Ab said...

hi I wonder wether you remember th review on Liars poker!
I was reading the exerpt on Amazon. And I was curious to know how the 1 million game Merriwether turned into 10 million, ended!