Sunday, August 05, 2007

Relationship value of over one million dollars

Book Value
If God was a Banker
Ravi Subramanian

Generally the good banks look at the risk appetite of customers before recommending them a mix of deposits, debt funds, and equity mutual funds. “These banks would endlessly research the markets and advise customers appropriately, even if it meant throwing away a chance to make a few dollars. NYB was definitely not one of them.”

Thus reads a snatch from ‘If God was a Banker’ by Ravi Subramanian the abbreviation ‘not your business’, you may wonder, but it might help to know that NYB had three categories of customers – value plus, super value, and club class.

The last category was the most pampered, consisting of those with ‘relationship value of over one million dollars’. For instance, “NYB once hired a helicopter to ferry a club class customer from Mumbai to Pune, when a landslide had blocked the highway.”

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