Thursday, August 30, 2007

Perfect market

Boosting Sales
Bob Gorton

Getting the price right is one of the musts if you want to increase profits `without breaking the bank', as Bob Gorton would explain in Boosting Sales ( Among the many insightful examples in the book, here is one, about the author's experience in a Bali market, where the stallholders were proffering all manner of eastern delights.

"Many were offering similar articles and one could move freely amongst the stallholders and barter to get the best deal. The `perfect market', you may very well think. I left the market clutching my prizes in the plastic bags provided with each purchase. `Wow,' said our guide to me, `You did well.' What do you mean? `Well, you got three black-and-white striped bags, one black one, and a green one!'

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