Monday, August 06, 2007

'No' will liberate and protect you

Manage Mentor
Jim Camp

Jim Camp offers ‘the only negotiating system’ you would ever need, be it at home or work: ‘No’ ( ‘The best word in the English language’ is not ‘yes’ but you-know-what. “In negotiation, ‘yes’ is the worst word,” declares the author. “It just betrays a fear of failure and a fear of losing this deal, and it primes you to please the other side, to rush ahead, to compromise early and often, to come to a deal, any deal.”

No, please don’t, advises Camp. “No will liberate and protect you,” he assures. Yes is the ‘easygoing or oblivious attitude, or so it seems,’ he chides.

“Sometimes we don’t even know we are in a negotiation, let alone prepare for it – until it’s too late. How many times have you experienced the panic that sets in after some rash decision or agreement you really didn’t think about, or whose consequences you didn’t realise?”

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aniruddha g. kulkarni said...

Kushwant Singh once said: "If I were a woman, I would be pregnant all the time because I don't know how to say NO".

Yes, "NO" is the best contraceptive.

But in our culture, it's hard to say no. Even our 'no' nodding is confusing because it's very reluctant. Is this the reason we have a population problem?!