Thursday, August 02, 2007

Lack of capital is no barrier to entry if you have a good idea

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Threshold Resistance
A. Alfred Taubman

Every success involves “placing opportunities in front of customers, offering value, and providing an enriching, entertaining experience,” says A. Alfred Taubman in Threshold Resistance (

Figuring out how to make things better, not just different, is the first step in any business plan, he explains. “You’ll always face resistance. In fact, the better your idea, the more some people will want you to fail. Believe in yourself, and you’re on your way.”
Taubman, a US real estate biggie, and Sotheby’s former chairman, is currently said to be looking for retail development and mall management opportunities in India. The memoir on hand is both about the best and the worst times, including the short stint he spent in jail as 50444-054 after being convicted in an international price fixing scandal.

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