Monday, August 13, 2007

A blog can be fun and exciting to start, but it demands attention

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Blog Schmog
Robert W. Bly

To blog or not to blog

Menachem Mendel (1787-1859) said, “Not everything that you think should be said. And not everything that you say should be written. And not everything that is written should be printed.” With this, among a few other quotes, begins Blog Schmog by Robert W. Bly (

He looks at the world of blogs as a sceptic and doubter. “Bloggers believe that blogs are all-encompassing, and that anything they say in their blog is somehow transmitted throughout the blogosphere and, by extension, throughout the entire world… even though the majority of people on the planet don’t even have Internet access,” writes Bly, wryly. There are some good blogs, he concedes, however. “But the medium as a whole suffers from a lower standard of quality than other media it competes with.”


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