Monday, July 16, 2007

Soft Skills
Managing People for the First Time
Julie Lewthwaite

Successful managers don’t manage people; they manage their relationships with people. This is the first lesson in Julie Lewthwaite’s Managing People for the First Time ( ).

Managing relationships is a more flexible way of managing because it gives you more things to manage, says the author. “Managing people gives us one way of looking at the problem: ‘I told him what to do and he wouldn’t do it — there must be something wrong with him’.” Instead, you can look at what is wrong with the relationship, be it between manager and employee, or employee-employee.
The new manager has to learn to learn, advises Lewthwaite. “Learning is an essential management skill. It involves acquiring, sorting, analysing, and storing information… You can learn by obtaining new information; by combining existing information into new patterns; by finding new meaning in existing information.”

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