Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Three Billion New Capitalists
Clyde Prestowitz

Wealth and power are shifting to the East, declares Clyde Prestowitz in Three Billion New Capitalists ( http://www.basicbooks.com/ ). It is while skiing on Lake Tahoe in California, in the winter of 2003, that the author gets the first glimpse of the powerful forces being unleashed by the new capitalists and how they might interact with the old system and structures. Chummy, the author’s oldest son, asks him if he would consider co-investing in a local snow-removal company. Read on…

“‘What do mean by snow removal?’ I asked, somewhat surprised because my son is a high-level software developer. ‘Well,’ he explained, ‘the company has contracts to plough the parking lots and access roads of the hotels and vacation condominiums around here whenever it snows, and that happens pretty frequently between November and May.’ ‘But what on earth are you doing,’ I exclaimed, ‘going into something as mundane as snow ploughing?’ ‘Dad,’ he said, ‘they can’t move the snow to India.’

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