Thursday, July 26, 2007

Books of Account
Making Sense of Software Quality Assurance
Raghav S. Nandyal

Software quality and car racing

Change four tyres, add more than 80 litres fuel, tweak the car for better efficiency, clean the windshield, clear debris from the front grill, and give the driver water. All in less than 13 seconds.

Such breakthrough pit-stop performance in car racing events is possible only with a highly capable crew that has continuously improved its processes, much the same way as in software quality assurance, says Raghav S. Nandyal in Making Sense of Software Quality Assurance ( ).

“Beyond winning and losing, poor pit stop performance can result in injuries, lost earnings, lost sponsorship, and lost jobs. Along similar lines, without an optimising software development process assisted with an equally capable competency management process, software initiatives will wrap up without a trace in today’s competitive environment.”


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