Thursday, July 05, 2007

Books of Account
Judicial Reforms in India
Arnab Kumar Hazra and Bibek Debroy

Backlog of cases in courts is a hackneyed issue that predictably gets mentioned in almost all discussions on the status of justice delivery in the country. Though the judiciary is often blamed for the malaise, the real culprit for delays may be the lack of financial autonomy, as one of the essays included in Judicial Reforms in India, edited by Arnab Kumar Hazra and Bibek Debroy ( ) points out.

Not much attention has been paid by the government for improvement of the infrastructure of the judiciary, writes Justice G. C. Bharuka in a chapter on ‘contemporary views on access to justice’. He laments the dearth of courts, judges and buildings, and the absence of even minimum facilities. “There is no planning and proper budgeting for the court’s requirements in consultation with the judiciary, as is done in other countries, nor is there a long range plan.”

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