Monday, July 30, 2007

China’s private sector achievement and ambition

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IT and the East
James M. Popkin and Partha Iyengar

The growing impact of China and India in the IT (information technology) industry is clear to anyone following the money of global trade, write James M. Popkin and Partha Iyengar of Gartner in ‘IT and the East’ ( “More and more, traditional Western high-tech firms are sourcing not just the assembly of their products from India and China but also the innovation that drives these produ cts.”

Divided into three parts, the book talks about the game-changing developments. Such as, how “by 2008 it is highly likely that China will generate IP (intellectual property) at a rate comparable to developed countries and, in the same year, actually surpass the US as the population with the largest English-language capacity.”
However, there are two critical uncertainties in China, according to the authors. One, government involvement. “Consider the high-profile case of Huawei, the dominant brand within China for routers and other telecommunications equipment and an icon of China’s private sector achievement and ambition.”

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