Monday, July 30, 2007

Get ‘more’ of power, purpose, and success

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Vince Thompson

Do you feel pushed to the precipice by work pressures, and so want to quit? Wait, there can be an alternative, says Vince Thompson in ‘Ignited’ (, offering “a way to stay within the corporation and begin making the kind of real difference.” It really is up to us, the managers in the middle, to make the changes we know are necessary, he writes. “A new, genuinely empowered generation of managers can steer their companies off the paths that have led so many into scandals, unnecessary layoffs, catastrophic misreadings of the market, and other disasters.”

Get ‘more’ of power, purpose, and success, Thompson exhorts. And, for each ‘more’, he offers practical tips. Getting more power, for instance, can be through making teams work and controlling the CAVE people. “The CAVE (citizens against virtually everything) people are the ones in every organisation who go out of their way to kill buy-in, spread negativity, and create failure,” is a quote of Laurence Haughton cited in the book.

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