Monday, May 14, 2007

Book Mark

Book Mark
In the Hot Seat
Ravi Shyam and T.J. Walker
KenSource (

You just can't hide

Does the word `media' sound repulsive? If so, `run you can,' but `hide you cannot,' say Ravi Shyam and T.J. Walker. "The digitised lens of the media may zoom in any time, anywhere. Saying `no' is no more an option. As long as you are dealing with a product or a service, you cannot ignore the fact that public interest is always the bottom line," they write in In the Hot Seat, from KenSource ( .

"When corporate buckets leak, the media cups its hands to drink," notes the intro to the "complete guide to controlling your image, message and sound bytes." The challenge of coping with the media has newer dimensions, after global media players entered India. "The aggressiveness of the media, the punishing deadlines, and the harsh media glare, all call for a new mode of responding."


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