Monday, May 14, 2007

Book Mark
Marketing in the Public Sector
Philip Kotler and Nancy Lee
Pearson (

Aim at citizen value, satisfaction

As a citizen, would you be happier if the government were to deliver `more quality, speed, efficiency, convenience, and fairness'? Sure! But can it ever happen? Possible, say Philip Kotler and Nancy Lee, provided the government moves `from being low-tech and low-touch to being high-tech and high-touch'. This is the `roadmap for improved performance' that the duo describes in Marketing in the Public Sector, from Pearson ( .

The book opens with almost a dozen examples of how governmental agencies across the world have `seized the opportunity to meet citizen needs. "Marketing turns out to be the best planning platform for a public agency that wants to meet citizen needs and deliver real value." For, marketing's focus is to produce outcomes that the target values. "In the private sector, marketing's mantra is customer value and satisfaction. In the public sector, marketing's mantra is citizen value and satisfaction."


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