Monday, May 14, 2007

Book Mark
It Happened in India
Kishore Biyani
Rupa (

On a happening phenomenon

Two undercurrents sweeping through young India are confidence and courage, writes Kishore Biyani in It Happened in India, from Rupa ( . He sees evidence in TV contests, `the most popular shows on Indian television today'. Look beyond the glitz and glamour, urges Biyani. For, you'd notice then that most of the winners are people from small towns, rather than the metros. "They come with the confidence to win a big title in the city of dreams, Mumbai. The desire to be a part of the get-rich-quick model, the instant-fame route is as popular in small towns as in the metros."

Confidence manifests as self-belief and a total lack of inhibitions to achieve any dream; the willingness to change is the desire to rise above one's origins, explains the author. "My parents were born in a nation that was about to gain independence. I was born in a nation that was experimenting with socialism," he narrates autobiographically.


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