Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sales people are important to any organisation, but they don’t get the respect they deserve

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Managing Your Sales Force
Pingali Venugopal
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Respect leads to interest

Salespersons can be efficient if two factors are remembered. One, the company has to have ‘the correct marketing strategy.’ And two, salespersons can perform only if they have the interest to perform, which in turn depends on the respect or importance given to them in the organisation.



aniruddha g. kulkarni said...

Sales people RUN the organizations. It is THE MOST IMPORTANT FUNCTION in an organization. Companies like IBM give enormous importance to sales people and reward them handsomely. Sure they get respect. In fact Indian IT majors have made rapid progress since they started giving a lot of respect to their own sales people, especially those working in US and Europe.
But in general we need to do a lot to train people from our elite schools to master the art of selling and develop respect for the same. I personally went through that learning. In the process, I also learnt to respect every salesperson who came to the door!

PP MUTHU said...

Without sales nothing happens. No development..No nothing.

In India, Sales profession get the least importance among job seekers and working as a sales professional is considered as below the dignity level.

As a Sales Manager of Engineering products, finding very difficult to get smart people in to Sales.

The basic reason may be our social set-up where we are growing-up under parental blessings with very less difficulties to face in day today life.

Anonymous said...

Sales people represent the cutting edge of a corporation. With competition becoming smarter it is the sales force which penetrates and retain the market. But, it is not a job which makes for a reasonable living with targets and dead beats who keep chasing them. They need to be motivated and cherished. Raghavendra