Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Brain surgery without the blood

Bill of Health

Healthy Thinking
Tom Mulholland
Wisdom Tree (http://www.wisdomtreeindia.com/)

Attitude plus behaviour = goal

The book aims to perform ‘brain surgery without the blood,’ says the author, a registered medical practitioner. “You don’t need any medications or equipment.” All you need are your thoughts and ‘emotional algebra.’ The first formula is, ‘trigger + thought = emotion.’ From this, you can derive that emotion minus trigger is thought. “When you feel an unhealthy emotion, subtract the trigger so you can identify the thought.”

What to do if you identify that the thought is ‘unhealthy’ — meaning, it doesn’t assist your enjoyment or ‘lead you anywhere other than unhealthy emotions’? You can elect to stop it, deal with it later, change it, or forget it, counsels Mulholland. “If you want to change it, then you need to understand the following equation: Attitude + behaviour = goal.”


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