Monday, July 31, 2006

We must give our programmers clear priorities

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Necessary but not Sufficient
Eliyahu M. Goldratt
Productivity & Quality Publishing P Ltd (

Porcupines have quills and programs have bugs

You’d meet Lenny Abrahms, behind the electric doors of the systems development section. He is battling with the challenge of integrating vendor-performance measures before the release date. Roger, the VP is worried about quality assurance. “We must give our programmers clear priorities,” he tells Lenny. “Some of our people are really excellent programmers, but I can’t keep constantly interrupting them. The need to stop work to answer questions and fix bugs is turning their work into havoc.” Too real a problem, as most professionals would acknowledge.
“It’s not such an impossible mission to write a computer system that will work right the first time,” says Lenny. “Just design a system that does nothing, and you have about a 12 per cent probability it will work smoothly. In all other cases it’ll do something - which means there are bugs somewhere.” Porcupines have quills and programs have bugs; that’s life, philosophises the author.


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