Monday, July 31, 2006

From the deeply secretive core of America’s real playbook

The One Percent Doctrine
Ron Suskind
Simon & Schuster (

A code from the secretive core of the US

The book begins on a critical note, of the US President, Mr George W. Bush. That he trusts his eyes to size up people ‘swiftly and aptly’ when taking countless decisions each day. “The trap, of course, is that while these tactile, visceral markets can be crucial — especially in terms of handling the posturing of top officials — they sometimes are not. The thing to focus on, at certain moments, is what someone says, not who is saying it, or how they’re saying it,” notes Suskind.
The title of the book draws from ‘The deeply secretive core of America’s real playbook: A default strategy, designed by Dick Cheney’. That you pursue even a one per cent chance as if it were a certainty! Such as, the slim probability of there being weapons of mass destruction, which led a nation to war.
In the first chapter titled ‘False positives’ meet George Tenet, at the DI, the Directorate of Intelligence. DI is the home of CIA’s army of analysts, “who read the human intelligence or humint, collected by field agents, clandestine agents, and foreign sources of human intelligence, and the signals intelligence, or sigint, from the vast US network of eavesdropping.”


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